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 Silver Bullion and Coins FAQ

Currently, CCI is focused primarily on precious metal bullion. We are not a brokerage, and we don’t sell paper contracts, storage, or any other fancy investment options – we sell the physical bullion only. While many coin shops and brokers have long delays and high premiums, CCI has thousands of ounces of gold and silver available for immediate delivery at competitive prices.

Why buy silver? There are many reasons that investors are turning to precious metals as a viable alternative to other stock/bond market options. The instability and uncertainty of the last few months of 2008 created a huge demand for physical silver that has been unprecedented in the last several decades. The shrinking supply of silver, silver’s price ratio to gold, and its industrial and commercial uses are some of the many reasons why many, many investors are choosing to invest in silver.

Precious metals not your thing? We also work with venture capital and other asset-based investment options. For more information on these alternative investments, visit out Alternative Investment Options page.

To speak with Chad Roach, president of CCI, call him directly at 303-956-3455. Or, email Chad@cornerstonecapitalinvestment.com

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