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These are the principles we’re committed to at CCI. We know that investing the hard-earned capital of your portfolio is not a light decision, whether you’re investing $1,000 or $1 million. We are committed Friendly Handshaketo providing every client with the highest level of personal service, sterling integrity, and great value on every investment.

CCI isn’t your standard, cookie-cutter company. We pursue innovative, creative, and visionary strategies for asset investment. While precious metals are our primary focus right now, we are also beginning involvement in real estate, small business opportunities (venture capital), and other creative "assets" which are posed to gain in depressed and/or unstable markets. We look at the markets through the filter of biblical, time-tested economic principles to provide investment opportunities that will protect wealth.

We believe that economic difficulties provide incredible opportunities for those with the vision to think creatively and strategically.

About CCI

CCI is a Denver-based company founded by Chad Roach to provide small and large investors with alternative investment options. Currently, precious metals bullion is our #1 investment (find out why) through our subsidiary company Cornerstone Bullion. CCI has sold over $30 million in precious metals to our clients since our founding in 2009. We serve clients around the United States and Canada, from California to Texas, Washington to Tennessee. Whether you are interested in precious metals, venture capital, or other asset-based investments, CCI is here for you.

CCI goes the extra mile to provide service and personal delivery to our clients. In some cases, we've traveled several thousand miles to personally deliver products to our clients. We also have regional representatives that personally meet with you to complete your purchase. We understand that working with someone you trust is essential when investing your capital, and we will earn your trust as we have with hundreds of clients.

What is CCI?

We serve investors who take their wealth seriously, so we believe that we should treat our security and service as a company seriously too. CCI is an "A" rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We are also a member of the ICTA (Industry Council on Tangible Assets). CCI has no debt, and is compliant with all state and federal regulations. For more information on how we protect client privacy, visit our FAQ page.

3 Things CCI Doesnt' Do

  1. We don’t hard sell our products and solutions. If you don’t believe in the long-term future of our investment options, then don’t buy from us. Our goal is not to strong-arm anyone into a particular investment strategy – we’re here to provide strategic, asset-based alternatives to traditional stock and bond markets. But if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.
  2. We don’t provide referrals without specific permission from our clients - we value the privacy and security of each of our clients. We know you don’t want us giving out your personal information, and we won’t do it with our current clients either.
  3. We don’t buy or sell securities, and we aren’t a brokerage. We sell physical assets only. And if we deal with a regulated sale (e.g. real estate), we will partner with the appropriate parties to complete the transaction. Of course, even precious metals as well as many other commodities are based closely on the markets and prices will vary daily, but we don’t sell securities and we aren’t registered financial representatives. In fact, we believe that outside-the-box solutions are often best identified by those who are, well, outside the box!

 About the Founder

Chad Roach is a passionate entrepreneur who has worked in various sales and service industries since he was a boy. Starting with smaller businesses in farming and landscape maintenance, he moved on to work in insurance, credit card processing & merchant services, pre-paid payment cards, and precious metals. After building up clients in the business financial sector in 25+ states around the country, Chad founded CCI as a response to a rapidly changing economy. Having personally lost money in traditional market investments, Chad’s vision is now to help families preserve and build wealth for generations to come. In the current economic climate, this will require more creativity and ingenuity, as many of the best investment opportunities will be found in alternative investment strategies.

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